NPDF PSA “In An Instant” Supports Law Enforcement


NPDF-1K-8-2 from Terence Gordon on Vimeo.

See how quickly police officers can be confronted with life and death situations where their very survival depend on the decisions they make “in an instant.” The worst nightmare for any member of law enforcement is to be compelled to take human life in defense of ones’ own. This video demonstrates what happens when the shooting stops and how the officer’s life, and that of his family, is forever altered.



  • Paul Anderson

    The dedicated men and women of law enforcement, and the dedicated men and women serving in our military: Are the primary line of defence, in a lawless society. In Chicago, the ACLU is more concerned with the rights of blacks, than the lives of blacks. Since the ACLU has gotten iinvolved, murder has greately risen, and will continue to rise.
    The ACLU and the Social Democrats: are bent on the reduction of global population, in accordance with the United Nations. The elimination of borders, allows for Global redistribution of wealth. Southern Democrats saw the black man as a commodity. Redistribution of wealth is the redistribution of a commodity.
    The community organizers such as Obama, are promoting violent protests, that ends with the loss of life. One cannot put a price on a human life.