I am writing regarding the plight of FBI Special Agent Wayne Brown, a fifteen-year law enforcement veteran who appears to have been selectively charged with a “Summary” dismissal due to actions in Maryland in which he took appropriate off-duty police action to defend his pregnant wife and himself.

The ordeal began on December 27, 2014, when Agent Brown was traveling home from Owings Milis, MD with his wife who was seven months pregnant. A vehicle being driven by Tara O’Brien approached and reportedly began tailgating his vehicle. As Agent Brown slowed and allowed the vehicle to pass, O’Brien passed and allegedly screamed profanities out the window of her vehicle. O’Brien and her passenger then reportedly continued to swerve at Agent Brown’s vehicle in attempts to run him and his wife off the road. O’Brien allegedly shouted death threats at Agent Brown and threw a full, open can of soda across his windshield in addition to other debris as she continued to harass him and his wife. Agent Brown called 911and remained on the phone with them, attempting to stay away from O’Brien’s vehicle but maintaining visual contact in order to show the police when they arrived.

As she pulled into an unmanned EZ-Pass toll booth, it is alleged that O’Brien suddenly stopped her vehicle and leaped out screaming profanities and death threats at Agent Brown and his wife, while the passenger of the vehicle ran towards Agent Brown’s vehicle. Agent Brown, still on the phone with 911 throughout the entire incident, handed the phone to his wife.

Fearing for his own life and the life of his pregnant wife, Agent Brown exited his vehicle, presented his weapon and FBI credentials, identified himself and ordered both subjects to the ground. O’Brien reportedly then yelled 110h sh*t he’s 5-0″ and both subjects retreated into the vehicle but did not drive away.

Upon arrival, officers of the Maryland State Police reportedly detected the smell of alcohol on O’Brien’s breath but she refused to submit to a breathalyzer test. O’Brien allegedly admitted to having consumed alcohol at a rest stop shortly before the incident. Despite the fact that the Maryland State Police were responding to Agent Brown’s 911 call for aid and took photographs of liquid splashed across Agent Brown’s windshield, the Maryland State’s Attorney declined to pursue any charges against O’Brien.

After this incident, the Director of the FBI Office of Professional Responsibility, who reportedly has no special training or experience and no law enforcement background, dismissed Special Agent Brown from the FBI using a controversial “summary dismissal”  technique   designed  specifically  to  deny  him  any appeal  with  a board  of  peer  agents.   Summary  dismissals are supposed  to  be emergency  measures reserved  for  imminent circumstances  in  which  an FBI employee  poses an immediate danger  to  the public.   In the FBI’s history, a summary dismissal has NEVER been used against an agent not charged with a crime.   Even agents who have been determined unjustified in the shooting of subjects have been afforded appeals.  Agent Brown had absolutely no history of prior discipline in his seven-year career with the FBI, nor any prior discipline in his fifteen total years as a law enforcement officer.

lt appears the FBI Office of Professional Responsibility ignored  and failed to gather evidence in this case. The cell phone videos taken by O’Brien’s passenger where her death threats can clearly be heard were not retrieved or reviewed. Agent Brown’s call to 911was neither retrieved nor reviewed.   Because of the appearance that the investigation prior to Agent Brown’s dismissal may have been manufactured to a fictitious outcome, the Office of the Attorney General recognized that potential discrimination had occurred.   Agent Brown has now been able to request an administrative hearing with the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity.  lt should  be noted  that  in this case, the  alleged offenders-  O’Brien  and her passenger- are White  and female.  The Director of the Office of Professional Responsibility is White and female.  Agent Brown is an African American male.

The purpose  of this  letter  is to  request  your  support  by making  a tax deductible donation to  the  “SA Wayne   Brown   Legal  Defense  Fund”  which   is  being  coordinated  by  the   National   Police  Defense Foundation.

Agent Brown is being representing by local counsel in New York and his anticipated legal fees will be in the tens of thousands of dollars.  Prosecutors realize how difficult it is for a dedicated law enforcement officer who has been terminated with prejudice to find suitable employment and support a family with an infant daughter while simultaneously fighting a legal battle with the federal government.  The FBI has refused Agent Brown unemployment benefits and will not even allow him to continue medical benefits for his family at his own expense.

Agent Brown’s dismissal has overall implications on all law enforcement officers nationwide who carry their firearms out of state under federal law “HR218”. The concerns being if an off-duty officer takes appropriate police action their agency will not provide support or even an objective investigation with a full review of all evidence.

Please find it in your heart to financially support Agent Brown and know that 100% of your donation will go directly to his legal defense efforts. I am concerned that “truth and justice” will not prevail if we cannot raise necessary funds for his legal defense.

Therefore, please send your tax-deducible donation to the address noted below or by pledging your donation at 888-SAFE COP.





Fraternally yours,


Joseph Occhipinti

Executive Director



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